GEMpro refractometer

Package Includes:
  • Complete with magnifier
  • Polaroid plate
  • 1.80 RI liquid
  • sodium filter and light source
GemPro refractometers are direct view type refractometers just like the duplex II that gia makes. Direct view refractometers have removeable eyepiece lenses that enable spot reading of cabachons. . Other type refractometers can't do this well because they have a different prism design. The eyepiece used on our GemPro refractometer is a special achromatic lense that gives excellent resolution when birefringence and other readings are being observed. Our hemicylinders are made of a special german glass made by Schott glass company. These hemicylinders are tough to scratch and chemicals won't bother them at all. Tarnish from the air does not happen with this type glass. Readings are almost always easier to read with monochromatic light. A slot at the back of the refractometer accommodates the monochromatic filter for sharpening RI readings and determining bi-refringence. The maglite flashlight is an excellent light source and fits in the back right behind the filter. The GemPro refractometer comes with a Polarizing front lense to aid in birefringence readings. Also included is the contact fluid.

Pricing: Price: $695.00